India: eleven die after eating ‘toxic’ rice at temple

Officials believe a foul-smelling tomato rice and flavoured water offered at Hindu temple in Karnataka was contaminated

Eleven people have died after eating rice that had likely been contaminated with a toxic substance at a Hindu temple ceremony in India, a health official said.

Another 29 people were critically ill and undergoing emergency treatment across various hospitals in Mysore, a city in the southern state of Karnataka.

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Storm ahead? Here’s how to prepare for a financial crisis

As the IMF warns a downturn could be coming, we examine how you can protect yourself

Every 10 years or so a financial crisis hits global markets – and it’s 10 years since the last one. This week the IMF warned that not only are the storm clouds of the next global financial crisis gathering, but also that the world financial system is unprepared for another downturn.

Will your pension be wrecked? The value of your house plummet? Will your industry be hit by a wave of redundancies? The bad news is that even the big investment houses, which traditionally talk up markets in the hope that you will invest, are pessimistic about 2019.

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What links David Bowie, Rob Schneider, Richard Gere and John Turturro? The Weekend quiz

From races to Rat Rock, test your knowledge with the Weekend quiz

1 Which writer and her most famous character share a 31 July birthday?
2 What attraction is viewed from the Maid of the Mist boat?
3 Where were Peas and Carrots pardoned in November?
4 Who was the legendary 9th-century female pope?
5 Which British mammals are either hazel or edible?
6 Which two letters don’t appear on the periodic table of elements?
7 Which annual races are on the Snaefell Mountain Course?
8 Which ideology is named for an ancient bundle of rods?
What links:
9 Religion (200); Language (400); Science (500); Literature (800)?
10 China; Kyrgyzstan; Macedonia; Vietnam?
11 Belvedere Castle; Zoo; Rat Rock; Strawberry Fields?
12 Iodine; solid carbon dioxide; naphthalene; arsenic?
13 Chop Suey; Cape Cod Morning; Gas; Nighthawks?
14 Liverpool, Montevideo; Everton, Viña del Mar; Arsenal, Sarandi?
15 David Bowie; Rob Schneider; Richard Gere; John Turturro?

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Top-secret Christmas card sent to Bletchley Park codebreakers rediscovered

Festive wish from family of MI6 boss in 1938 ‘sent with wink’ to those in the know

It’s ranked as one of the least festive Christmas cards ever sent: pipe-smoking men in suits milling around on the immaculately mowed lawn of an English country house.

But the recipients were some of the most secretive people in the country, and only they understood the true message of the card.

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Is Emma Coronel the devoted wife of El Chapo, or is she being used as a prop?

Some think El Chapo’s team is using Coronel, and her popular Instagram account and media appearances, as a distraction

There she is in the cafeteria at New York’s eastern district courthouse, when Judge Brian Cogan adjourns her husband’s trial: Emma Coronel Guzmán.

There, in the line for mozzarella sticks or a burger, are lawyers defending Ms Coronel’s husband, Joaquín ‘El Chapo’ Guzmán, the reputed leader of the Sinaloa cartel, the world’s biggest; journalists line up too, hungrier for an inside tip than anything to eat.

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A letter to… Mum and her mince pies

‘I leave one mince pie out just for you, as if you are still a part of Christmas with me’: the letter you always wanted to write

When I was a little girl, you and I loved decorating the living room and tree to make it look festive. We loved Christmas. After decorating, we would bake cakes. “Make enough mince pies, because Santa likes them,” you would tell me, so we would always make more.

After all the baking was finished, we’d sit and enjoy the celebrations around us until my bedtime.

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